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Having a professional USA based call center can keep your inbound calls from being dropped. Never miss an important call again. Unitel Performance Marketing can pick up your calls when you are not available. We work with you to identify and map out any solution you need – including building a call flow, setting your hours of operation, recording introduction and hold messages, setting hold times with custom or generic hold music, voicemail options and boxes, IVR options, as well as any off site routing of calls.

Complete call center solutions include:

  • Toll Free / Vanity
  • ACD
  • Custom CRM Solution
  • IVR/Recording
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Live Chat
  • Custom Reporting
  • And Much More!

Our purpose is to nurture and retain the customers your company already has and entice former customers back into the fold, while adding value to your company. Your Unitel “Promotions Department” calls your customers and engages in a personalized conversation about your products, proper usage, their experience as a customer, and offer them an exclusive promotion. These promotions can include discounted pricing, cross selling opportunities, or customized promotions.

“I originally was looking for a new partner to assist in contacting leads that our in-house department couldn’t penetrate due to staff size. Unitel has taken the provided leads and generated revenue that would have otherwise been lost to our company. Set up and training was easy and we were going within a week. George’s team is very open to advice and brings skills to the table that any marketing company would be glad to have.”

-Sales Manager (Nutraceutical Industry)

High call volume can distract your office staff and have a negative impact on your business. Unitel Performance Marketing makes it easier for your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities without neglecting callers. The call center agents who handle your customer service calls are only paid while working directly for you, making this service an affordable alternative to utilizing your existing office staff for telephone support, or expanding your internal call center operation.

Your customers are in good hands. We have a team of professional, upbeat, friendly customer service experts ready to impress your callers and deliver your messages 24/7. The best part? We’re so good, both you and your customers will swear we’re in-office with you.

Before you hire a receptionist, consider our live reception services. It allows you to give your customers the same prompt service and immediate attention they expect. Outsourcing your answering services to a live reception service, affords you professional full time reception coverage for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee.

Some of Our Services

  • Receptionist promptly answers every call
  • Screens and transfers calls as appropriate
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Bilingual (Spanish)
  • Immediate tracking and reporting
  • Appointment management including scheduling services and automated reminders also available

Overflow call center service from Unitel Performance Marketing provides your organization with live operators to field your calls on demand. Because all of our accounts are 100% customizable, our overflow call center can be configured to provide your customers with the exact level of support they would have received had they reached your office. Instead of forcing callers to wait for an available operator when your office or main call center is busy, excess calls are routed to our professional agents who are ready to assist. Faster service increases your customer satisfaction and reduces the stress placed on your existing office staff.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’re guaranteed to be available whenever you need us.

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Due to our flexible structure, we are always open to partners. This creates conditions for long-term and fruitful cooperation. Our individual approach to collaboration allows us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with each of our partners. When you partner with Unitel Performance Marketing, you can grow your value-added services and tap into new markets while ensuring your customers’ needs are always met.


The promise to the clients of Unitel Performance Marketing is to provide extraordinary customer service, illustrate it daily with consistent behaviors, and provide an exemplary level of service that is unparalleled by any competitor on the market. Every service that Unitel provides is executed passionately to ensure that each client is provided with the best service available while aiding the company to grow beyond its highest expectations.


Unitel Marketing specializes in the direct response industry and will help you create and maintain your back end operation so that it becomes far more profitable. Unitel can generate millions of dollars for your company by segmenting your existing customer database and finding the “Best Third” of your current customers. We mine your existing customer database to maximize profitability while increasing your average customer lifetime value.

Capture New Revenue

Inactive Customer File

Many consumers simply place an initial order from a company, and never order again. Sound familiar? Since inception, each dollar spent with Unitel has returned back $6 in revenue for clients. At Unitel Performance Marketing, we review your customer file for data integrity and usability across all customer types (inactive, up-sell, etc). We typically need up to 10,000 customer records to conduct an effective customer activation program.

Product and Service Training

At Unitel, we’ve developed a proven, highly effective method to activate lost
customers. We call it the Unitel Customer Re-activation Engine™, using our dedicated Concierge Consulting Service™. We dedicate a manager and team of Concierge Consultants™ who learn everything there is to know about your products and services. They then call upon your inactive customers, with no overlap on other accounts…. a truly dedicated team.

Technology Integration

We employ state-of-the-art proprietary software and integrated telephony and computer systems that enable our dedicated Concierge Consultants™ to provide your customers with exceptionally intelligent service. We can integrate with current systems being used, or in isolation, and clients can have real-time access to revenue reporting. Clients have the ability to drill down into each campaign, each customer file, and each customer call.

Reactivation Results

Our team ensures we fully understand everything there is to know about your products, philosophy, and customer service.  They survey, market research, resolve customer service issues, and sell your products every day in an exceptionally professional and repeatable manner. It is all done with white glove, concierge-like professionalism that enhances brand image, future loyalty, and Customer Lifetime Value.

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