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Unitel remains committed to provide exemplary levels of service that is unparalleled by any competitor on the market. Every service that Unitel provides is executed passionately to ensure that each client is provided with the best service available while aiding the company to grow beyond its highest expectations.

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Satisfied Clients

Executive Team

George Faltaous

Chief Executive Officer

George Faltaous founded Unitel Marketing Group, LLC when he recognized how a strong back-end model of exceptional customer loyalty, and a high customer lifetime value could benefit the direct response industry. George founded Unitel to help medium and large companies engage existing customer lifetime value through increasing post transaction revenue.

Michael Bolos

Director of Sales

Michael realized very early on in his academic studies and his professional career that he was talented in the art of sales. He joined the team with 12+ years of experience creating millions of dollars for industry giants. He loves to spread the fire that burns within him to the entire sales force and create a sales environment driven by goal setting, success, and achievement.

Shaun Dolan

Director of Client Relations

Shaun has worked in the Media / Advertising world for the last 10 years. In addition, he has built and managed multiple inbound sales teams at Unitel Performance Marketing. He also has the unique perspective of knowing how to effectively deliver sales results at the call center while satisfying the constantly evolving demands in the world.

Rich Reba

Director of Business Development

Rich brought 15+ years of distinguished marketing and business development experience to Unitel. Working with both small and large businesses, Rich has a rare knack for bolstering new relationship. His ability to focus on what is important, vs what is merely interesting, is instrumental in developing new partnerships and maintaining our existing partnerships.

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