Customer satisfaction is crucial when it comes to the success of your business, and that’s not just because it’s the customers that buy your products or services. Your customers are your biggest marketing team; if they don’t like your business, they’ll be sure to let others know.

Up to 70% of buying experiences are actually based on how the customer feels they’re being treated by your team. So how can you make sure that your customers have a great experience and share that experience with their friends? Here are five ways you can improve customer satisfaction and service at your business:

  1. Be available to your customers. Customers won’t do business with you again if they can’t get ahold of you. That said, one of the best ways to improve your customer experience is to increase your availability and accountability. You can actually outsource a customer service call center to make sure your inbound sales calls are answered swiftly and professionally every time.
  2. Give a face to your business. Customers like to feel they’re getting a personal experience when it comes to their customer service. But if your business is running from an online-only location, it can make you feel anonymous and unfriendly. The good news is you can change this by giving a “face” to your company. List your location on the website and include a page with your employees’ headshots. These small factors will make a big impact.
  3. Make sure your employees are knowledgable. Your employees represent your company. It’s up to them to know the ins and outs of your business so they can offer knowledge to your customers when and where they need it. Consider giving your employees brand ambassador training so they can be ready to answer your customers’ questions.

Where can I find a customer service call center for my business?

Up to 72% of businesses say that improving their customer experience is their top priority. By outsourcing a customer service call center, you can take one step closer to making that goal of better customer service a reality.

Unitel Marketing is a pay for performance call center that can help you engage with and retain customers on a regular basis. To learn more about how our customer call center and inbound marketing services can help your business, contact Unitel Marketing today.