Every customer has a cost. Before a customer starts making you money, they will require at least some upfront investment. Brand new customers–those you haven’t served in the past–are 25 times more expensive than those who have already patronized your business. The objective in obtaining customers is not just to boost your numbers, but to use your resources in the most efficient way possible during the acquisition process. Targeting previous customers who have since become inactive is a great way to maximize the allocation of human resources. Because they are familiar with your business already, the barriers involved with getting to know your service are already broken down. However, what is the best way to get in touch with these customers? This is where choosing the right outbound sales call center comes into play. When considering the right one to choose, there are five things you should keep in mind.

Nothing Beats Experience

Calling customers can be a delicate art form. Anytime we make connections with other people, a number of crucial interpersonal factors come into play. Knowing how to navigate these takes experience. Even the most intuitive professional is not going to be able to perform as well as one with years of experience, particularly when it comes to dealing with people. There is no substitute for experience.

In addition, experience comes into play when problems arise. People can, and will, say anything on the phone. Regardless of how “thorough” a script is, an objection or random comment can upend even the coolest of call center professionals. However, if the call center has experienced individuals working for them, they are much more likely to have dealt with similar situations in the past, so an unexpected question or comment will be a minor bump in the road.

A Strong Management Team

While some typically associate an outbound sales call center with something that looks like Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, it’s not the callers that do the most important work; it’s the managers. Managers are responsible for training the call staff to handle the different types of calls they will be making. On top of that, managers decide how to move forward in response to challenges faced by the business. In addition, a strong management team has the time and resources to focus on the big picture. When interviewing an outbound sales call center, take the time to get to know the members of the management team. Ask lots of questions, and get an idea as to the business structure and company culture. Also, don’t be afraid to ask specific questions regarding how and why things are done. Remember that the call center’s management team works for you.

Thorough Performance Evaluation

An outbound sales call center needs to be a data-driven enterprise. The data analyzed should, first and foremost, be comprised of statistics collected in relation to the performance of programs. Otherwise, there’s no way to tell whether an endeavor is succeeding or failing. When looking into any type of performance marketing operation, including a customer call center, be sure to ask how performance is evaluated. In this way, all marketing becomes performance marketing. This is especially crucial when trying to reactivate inactive customers. The way these clients respond to the call center’s efforts needs to be carefully measured. If something is not working, the weaknesses can be observed, measured, and used to develop fresh approaches.

A Reasonable, Thoughtful Pricing Structure

While every business has to make a buck, that doesn’t mean they are entitled to your bucks. Make sure you don’t jump at the first low price. The call center has to earn your business with a sensible action plan. But also be sure to not be attracted by an unusually high price, either. Outbound call centers are not like Coach purses: more expensive does not necessarily mean “better.” They could charge a fortune and still be a cheap knock-off. When interviewing an outbound or even an inbound call center, there should be a direct connection between price and value added to your company.

Keeping these four tips in mind will help you eliminate unnecessary headaches as you go about reactivating customers. Choosing the right outbound sales call center is a great first step in generating a fresh new revenue stream.