As much as 70% of purchases are influenced by how the customer perceives they are being treated. When customers don’t feel their questions or complaints are being heard, they’ll go elsewhere, and that means lost revenue for you. Customer support outsourcing services can help you solve this problem.

All communication includes talking and listening, but listening is by far the more important role in a positive interaction. A customer may be able to talk at length, but if the inbound call center representative isn’t truly listening, the customer will feel their efforts to explain have been wasted. Hearing a customer only means that the representative took in the customer’s words. Listening to a customer involves comprehending the intent, content, and larger meaning of the customer’s concerns.

Customer support outsourcing services can provide expert help in this area. They know the importance of providing a positive, memorable interaction with the customer, and they know this kind of interaction is based on listening to the following:

  • What the customer wants from your product or service
  • What they like and don’t like
  • What they require from your product or service
  • What problems they are encountering by using your product or service
  • What questions the customer has and how those questions might be frustrating them

Here are five tips for winning customer loyalty simply by listening. A customer service call center service can put this kind of listening into practice for your business.

Tip 1: Listen to Customer Complaints

When a customer calls to complain about your product or service, it’s a chance for you to offer a solution, and thereby win the customer’s loyalty. A customer who calls with a problem and obtains a solution feels heard and supported, and knows that they can call back with other questions or concerns. It’s also an opportunity to educate the customer about getting all they can from your product or service.

Tip 2: Listen to the Customer’s Questions

Simplify instructions, forms, operating procedures, and anything else that will result in making your product or service easier for the customer to use. When a customer’s questions are answered clearly and succinctly, they’ll feel understood. They will know your company values them because you listened to their questions and adjusted your approach based on those questions. The customer will feel loyal because you’ve gone the extra mile to listen and respond, and they are far more likely to stay with your company.

Tip 3: Listen to the Customer’s Positive Feedback

Complaints shouldn’t be the only source of information you take seriously. Listen to positive aspects of the customer’s experience and figure out how to work those aspects into your company as a whole. Customers can tell you what you’re already doing right so that you can keep doing it, and expand on it if possible. Try not to change the things customers like about your product or service; you may lose their loyalty if you do.

Tip 4: Listen to the Customer’s Complaints about Your Company

It’s crucial that you listen to negative comments concerning your company’s practices. It will be hard to hear, but you need this information that can only come from customers. When customers call to tell you what they don’t like about your company, it’s a chance to ask questions so that you fully comprehend their viewpoint and can then take action to solve the problem.

Tip 5: Listen to Customers’ Suggestions for Improvement

Think of customers as experts who can tell you what your company needs to change in order to secure their loyalty. They may have general or specific suggestions for positive change that would make a meaningful difference to them. You may or may not be able to implement those suggestions to the letter, but these customers can point out the problem areas you need to focus on.

Companies that offer customer support outsourcing services know how to listen to customers with care. It’s all about winning loyalty and thereby increasing your revenue. Your customers can offer a wealth of information about precisely how to earn their long-term loyalty. After all, they’re calling your customer service line because they hope to find a reason to come back to you.

If you need help with customer service, you may benefit greatly from customer support outsourcing services. Contact us today for a consultation.