Customer call centers are vital to a company’s success. Whether you sell a product or a service, you’re going to need to provide on-demand support for questions, payments, and complaints. And since 64% of people value customer experience more than price, establishing a thriving customer service call center is the best and most efficient way to create (and sustain) a long-lasting, positive impression.

However, inbound sales call centers and outbound sales call centers would be nothing if not for the individuals that operated them. The agents responsible for answering the phones are, for many consumers, the first and only point of contact they’ll have with your business. That’s why finding the right people for the job is essential. Here are three key characteristics to keep an eye out for in your call center service.

  • Friendliness: As a point of contact between consumers and the business, a positive attitude and kind, friendly demeanor is a must. Call center work cannot benefit from interpreting facial emotions, so tone is extremely important; those who can convey a calm yet receptive tone of voice can often manage frustrated customers and create a rapport with new customers easily.
  • Knowledge Retention: Since an agent’s goal is to provide the highest quality level of support possible, it’s important that they’re able to learn and retain new information quickly and with ease. Most workers will struggle initially to absorb everything being taught (after all, learning everything about a brand new company in a short training period is no cake-walk), but they should nonetheless display a dedication to righting their wrongs and a resistance to repeated mistakes.
  • Communication Skills: If you’re going to spend all day talking to people over the phone, you need to be able to communicate effectively. This means doing more than just the bare minimum; customer service call center agents should be capable of figuring out what the problem is and fixing it, they should be fully committed to creating an experience solely through language.

Whether your company possesses a tech support customer service call center or a marketing call center, the strength lies in the agents. Hiring the right individuals can make the difference between a fruitful and enduring customer-company relationship, and a the loss of business forever.