Customer service call centers are one of the best ways to encourage customer retention; if done correctly, your customers will feel valued and will stick with your business. Since increasing retention rates by just 5% can boost profits between 25% and 95%, it’s in your (and your company’s) best interest to provide the best service imaginable.

Inbound sales call centers can offer a lot in terms of support, advice, and help with simple questions, but outbound sales call centers can create a first impression — or reinforce a preexisting bond — that can make or break the consumer/company relationship. The type of outbound dialer your customer service call center uses depends on its immediate goal: let’s take a look at three of them.

  • Preview Dialer: These dialers are most often used in campaigns where the customer case is complex. When an agent has indicated they’re ready for a call, a detailed history related to the customer is populated and presented to them. The number is automatically dialed after the agent has time to preview the customer information. If your business needed to delegate a section of your customer service call center to pursue clients that owe a debt or are late on a payment, you would most likely choose a preview dialer.
  • Progressive Dialer: Progressive dialing performs a similar function as preview dialing, but removes the risk of abandoned and silent calls. In progressive dialing, an agent indicates they’re ready for a call, customer information is given to them, and the number is dialed immediately; the call progress is monitored by the dialer as well.If a call does not ring, the line is automatically and immediately disconnected, and ‘no answer’ calls will be disconnected after a pre-determined number of seconds. Essentially, progressive dialers streamline the outbound call process by eliminating calls that most likely aren’t worth waiting for. The time that is saved, though it may only be a few seconds each call, adds up in the long run. This type of dialing is usually used in sales, either to renew or up-sell a product or service.
  • Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialing is the most productive form; they launch calls at such high rates through a pacing algorithm that the system connects to live callers as soon as the previous transaction is completed. This algorithm monitors activity and calculates when the next customer should be dialed. Predictive dialing is most effective in straightforward sales campaigns.

The better prepared you are in terms of what kind of technology your marketing call center utilizes can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. Figure out what role you want your campaign to play, and build your customer call center from there.