When it comes to saving money in your business, maintaining a loyal customer base is key. In fact, bringing in a new customer is nearly 25 times more expensive than holding on to your current ones, and some research has shown that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% could potentially trigger a dramatic increase in profits. How great of an increase? Think anywhere from 25% to 95%.

What is Customer Retention?

Not clear on what exactly customer retention is? It basically means that the same customers are buying products from you over and over again. Having good customer retention is good for business because you put less manpower into attracting new people to buy from you. You have a group that is loyal to your brand, so you do not have to work as hard to win them over.

They are also already educated on what your products do, as well as the quality, and they know what to expect from you, as a company. All in all, you have an established relationship, so they already know they like doing business with you. Companies with consistent customer retention typically experience a lot of success.

Earn More Revenue With Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales Calls

Inbound marketing, as well as inbound sales calls, is meant to draw the customer in by appealing to their specific needs. If people are looking for a specific product or if they are trying to address a unique need, inbound marketing gives them the opportunity to find your company and do business with you.

This goes along with customer retention in that the customer has likely bought from you before and they enjoyed the experience. By reaching out, you can encourage them to invest in your products time and time again.

Unfortunately, not all companies have the ability to follow up on all of these leads, which is where we come in to help out. Our inbound sales call center ensures no calls get dropped and that more orders than ever can be fulfilled. Hire us, then watch the revenue flow in.

Now, outbound sales calls involve reaching out to potential customers in hopes that they will start relying on you more and more down the line. We approach these in a personalized way to ensure people know you value their business and appreciate loyalty in the future. This is a necessary step in building customer retention, as well.

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