Owning a gym or fitness center is hard work. In addition to obtaining all the necessary equipment and ensuring it stays in good shape, you need to make sure your clients are getting the most out of the experience. It can be easy to overlook, especially in a gym or wellness setting, but customer experience is extremely important; up to 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Whether you set up a small customer service call center or craft the perfect start-up membership package, here are three benefits of a quality customer experience.

  • Builds value: If you offer great customer service, your clients will come to associate your business with a place that truly cares about their individuals. It can even become a core competency of your gym, meaning that it’s something you’re known and appreciated for.
  • Reinforces brand loyalty: When people are treated well, they’ll want to come back again and again. In the off-chance that something goes wrong or a mistake is made, they’ll assume that it’s simply a one-time occurrence and not the status quo for your business.
  • Improves member retention: Positive experiences can be hard to find in the gym world, especially for clients who have struggled with their weight for their entire lives. By offering everyone great customer service — from a smile at the front desk to various other personal interactions — your members will want to stay with you.

Customer call centers can work toward these goals by sending outbound calls; if you’re keeping track of who has signed up for a membership but never come into the gym, you can reactivate inactive customers. This can save your gym money and show your customers that you care about their goals and want them to stick to them.

If you are able to grow and branch out enough, you may want to consider setting up a performance marketing inbound call center to answer any questions and ensure that potential clients have everything they need to begin this new chapter in their lives. Inbound call centers can create a positive first impression and get more people in your doors.