It’s no secret that customer call centers can be extremely hectic places during the holidays. High call volumes when customers are already stressed and frustrated can have a very strong impact on the happiness and satisfaction of your employees. Since happy employees inherently provide better service, it is in your company’s best interest to keep their moods light and elevated during the most frantic time of the year. Here are a few ways to do just that.


  • Encourage joy in all forms: Customer service call center workers are so distanced from their customers that they can sometimes forget whythey’re performing this job. Customer service call centers were constructed to help others, so remind your employees of this and the holiday spirit by allowing some extra joy into their lives: let decorations fly free, hold a pajama day, and hand out little gift card bonuses as a special treat.


  • Hold a bake-off: Who doesn’t love baked goods around the holidays? By holding a bake-off in a common room that everyone can access, your employees will be able to show off their baking skills while indulging in conversation with their coworkers. It can be tricky to make sure that treats are provided for everyone, so set an example by creating something that is dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan.


  • Offer a Secret Santa exchange: Secret Santa gets to the heart of what the holidays are really about — the act of giving and spending time together. Oftentimes, people get far too hung up on the gift itself, but the holiday spirit is much more about giving in general. By setting a dollar limit and encouraging people to get creative with their ideas, the whole marketing call center team will become closer.


Statistics show that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they’re being treated; by counteracting the negativity that can sometimes prevail in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you will have a happier, more productive, and grateful inbound sales call center (or outbound sales call center) staff, leading to improved customer interactions — everybody wins!