Businesses can’t afford to lose their customer base. Although bringing in new customers is always the goal of marketing, it can cost more to gain a new customer than to retain a current one.

This is because a current customer already knows and trusts your business and you don’t need to go through the sales pitch to get them to buy from you. So how can you ensure your existing customers remain loyal customers?

Consider the following three tips you can use to retain your current customers and reactivate inactive ones so you can build up your client base and save your budget.

  1. Move fast. The longer a customer is inactive, the more likely they’ll separate themselves from your company. For instance, a customer that’s no longer a member of your store is more likely to rejoin if it’s only been a few weeks rather than a few months. It’s important to be proactive so you can identify changes in your customer’s behavior. The earlier you identify these changes, the earlier you can intervene.
  2. Consider using an inbound call center. Certain inbound call centers are great at reactivating inactive customers. You might not have the time to personally reach out to your customers, but you can when you outsource a call center. Calls from your business tell your inactive customers that you’re still dedicated to them and that they’re worth your time.
  3. Communicate through different channels. Not all customers are the same, which means not every inactive customer will have the same response to your attempts to reach out. That said, consider using different channels to get their attention. These channels include email marketing, direct mail marketing, display advertising, phone calls, and social media. Your inactive customer may not respond immediately to an email, but they might receive and respond to a phone call.

Looking to reactivate inactive customers?

Up to 72% of businesses say that improving their customer experience is a top priority. But it can be challenging to reactive inactive customers and get them to come back to your business.

That’s where the performance marketing call center services of Unitel Marketing comes in. Unitel Marking is a performance marketing call center that provides inbound sales and outbound sales calls for your company to help get old customers to bounce back to your business. To learn more about our direct response call centers and how we operate, contact Unitel Marketing today.