While it goes without saying, customer satisfaction is one of the key components to a company’s continued success. One of the main ways it can be achieved is by servicing your current, and idle, customers. 64% of consumers say that customer experience is more important than price — we think that is a rather strong indicator brands should be focused on creating the best customer service experience possible.

Having a reliable, and customer-focused, customer service call center can be the difference between a brands longevity and their demise. Customer service call center usually focuses on three areas: inbound sales calls, outbound sales calls, and technical support (depending on the business in question) – all being ‘customer service’ centric in nature. Inbound sales calls are the easiest to manage because the customer is contacting you; they’ve already decided they’re interested in the product or service and want to learn more about it, or even purchase it outright. The same goes for technical support, although it requires more patient and nuanced personalities. The crux of the problem lies in outbound customer service dials.

One of the things that consumers hate most in this world is unsolicited marketing phone calls. We’ve all experienced cold calls from credit card companies or political proponents that have inspired us to (perhaps a little too aggressively) hang up on whatever poor schmuck was simply trying to do his job — there is also that pesky ‘Do Not Call’ list, among other regulations, that agents must tip-toe through. Cold calling, to cold customers, can actually have a negative impact on your brand. Instead, outbound sales calls should pull from pools of past and existing customers that are already familiar with your products; you have already invested a considerable amount of marketing/advertising dollars to acquire these customers and should protect that investment by retaining their continued business.

Customer retention is a pretty simple thing yet, more often than not, businesses miss easy opportunities to seize millions of lost revenues by failing to continually service their customers. An upbeat, professional, and costumer focused outbound sales team will leave a positive and long-lasting impression of your brand. With thousands of customers and limited office staff, brands simply do not have the bandwidth to service their clients in this manner – we get that. Outsourcing these types of customer retention activities can be expensive with zero assurances pegged to performance (being in the call center industry we know the struggle).

There are customer focused call centers, like Unitel, that offer these types of services on a pay-for-performance basis – it is just a matter of finding the right-fit. Allocating some time and resources into seeking out an outbound call center could prove to be the best investment your business can make with virtually zero-risk. Let your customers know you care, that they are valued, and they will not only be loyal but will become ambassadors of your brand.