Outsourcing your Companies Call Center

Over 70% of businesses state that improving the customer experience is their number one priority. As any business owner, executive, or manager knows, there are many different points where a customer touches the business. Each of these touches must be handled in a manner that is consistent with the image of the company, and ultimately lead to additional revenue either through more products or services purchased, referrals gained, or testimonials given. When it comes to performance marketing, outsourcing your inbound calls might be the best option for keeping the customer experience high.

Inbound sales calls and customer call centers are an important aspect of every business, however not every business has the bandwidth to devote a highly specialized and trained team of employees to phone sales and service. Inbound call center phone sales is an essential part of inbound marketing that requires specific training that is different from in person customer service and sales. Because of this, many companies are choosing to outsource these types of calls to pay for performance call center teams. But are pay for performance call center teams really worth it? In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses are starting to look for pay for performance call center options:

Boosts Customers Positive Impression of Business: Excellent customer service is vital to the success of any business. In addition to keeping current customers happy and satisfied, having top notch customer service helps generate additional referrals and word of mouth marketing. Additionally, a customer who was not satisfied with the customer service received is likely to warn away anyone they know. Having a highly reputable call center handle your calls is vital to maintaining and improving your business reputation. Businesses frequently outsource their calls to us because of our intense commitment to maintaining the highest standards for customer service.

Easy to Manage High Call Volumes and Call Volume Spikes: When it comes to manpower, we can easily manage high call volume. Many of our clients initially began using our pay for performance call center option because of call volume spikes that would happen either seasonally or due to some promotion. If you have a small team in office that handles your phone calls, you probably understand the pain of call volume increasing or spiking throughout the year. When all of your employees are already on the phone and more customers are trying to call in, that’s a big sign for lost revenue. In addition to being able to handle call spikes effectively due to our large staff, we can handle very large volumes of calls at any time of day. This helps increase customer retention and captures additional customers that would have been lost to the worst sales close in the industry: the voicemail box.

Gives you Extra Manpower: Because you aren’t worried about staffing up additional call center employees, you can free up your manpower to work on projects that are more essential to the growth of your company. Having employees “cross trained” to answer the phones is good, but ultimately it ends up reducing productivity. Having the day constantly interrupted by incoming calls can make it difficult for even the most dedicated employee to do their best work on other projects.

Reduces Extra Employee Training: As we already mentioned “cross training” employees, it is probably time to mention that outsourcing customer service and sales calls can help reduce the need for additional training of your own employees. Our entire staff consists of trained phone professionals. We specialize in excellent phone sales and customer service. And because its a pay for performance call center, you know that you are only going to get the best results.

Expand Customer Marketing Reach: The last main benefit we will discuss today has to do with expanding your potential customer reach. Want to reach a Hispanic market? We have fluent Spanish speaking reps. Looking to up your PPC budget to drive more traffic to your website? No need to worry about missed calls, we can handle the volume. However you want to expand your business, you can easily scale your “call center” by outsourcing with us. Pay for performance call center. It’s what we do.