Among the primary drivers of any business is reactivation of inactive customers. It is often inevitable that customers will come in waves, using your product or service for a time and going dormant thereafter. These customers are often your best bets to retaining and building your customer base.

Research tells us that telephone conversations with customers remain an effective segment of the sales funnel. Approximately $1 trillion in consumer spending is affected by calls placed to businesses. In addition, statistics show that it costs your business 25 times more to bring on a new customer than to retain an existing one and raising your customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Use of pay for performance call center can make these calls much easier and more efficient for your business. Unitel Performance Marketing has for nearly 20 years provided best in class service and outstanding results for direct response companies, retailers, and consumer brands. Reactivating inactive customers is a phone call away trough use of Unitel’s proven, methodical and predictable call center USA systems.

Via use of Unitel’s proprietary inbound call center and outbound sales call services can add up to 30% top line brand revenue. Unitel’s call center USA systems work exclusively on a pay-for-performance basis. Whether you require a call center for producing additional revenue or liberating your time and your staff’s time, marketing call center services can help grow your business without the need for additional hiring.

You will acquire the use of a customer call center experience staffed by a dedicated manager and team of concierge consultants. Our concierge professionals learn every detail about your products or services and reach out to your inactive customers, with no overlapping accounts.

Unitel uses state-of-the-art proprietary software and integrated phone and computer systems that allow your concierge team to assist your customers with top-drawer service. These systems have the capacity to integrate with your current systems, giving you real-time data on revenue reporting and a detailed look into each campaign, file and call.

Our concierge teams gain comprehensive knowledge of your company’s products, services, voice, and philosophy, ensuring a tailored experience that matches your branding. These well-trained professionals perform services including conducting surveys, assisting with solving any customer service issues, and advancing your product and service lines, all with polish that allows your image to shine.