Maintaining customer relations is an ongoing challenge for any customer call center. Staying relevant to your customer base is an important part of keeping your business flowing and engaging in new, profitable ventures. As part of your growth strategy, it’s safe to assume that some customers may be engaged at one point, but for whatever reason, may lose interest. In this case, you should always strive to establish a system that can be used to reactivate inactive customers. Here are some simple steps you can take.

First, you should perform an analysis of inactive customers. The number will vary by the marketing call center and can be used to gain important data that you can then use to outline a focused, effective strategy going forward. There are a variety of different metrics to use regarding who you choose to label as an inactive customer. It’s safe to assume that six months is an average watermark, but this number may change depending on the nature and consistency of your business model.

Though you should never be too aggressive with outbound sales calls, it helps to offer your services and incentives when reaching out to reactivate inactive customers. Be sure to lead with conscious, friendly communication and follow up with a discount, or explain the details of a new service and how the customer may benefit from it.

Customer experience delivered by the contact centers is viewed as a competitive differentiator by 62% of companies. This figure alone proves the importance of maintaining customer relationships through genuine communication and an informed workforce. Keeping up with clients, taking interest in their ventures, and not demanding too much of them are all key factors in building lasting, healthy business relationships. A good performance marketing company is one that keeps in contact with its customers but does not smother them.

In keeping with the first stage of analysis, you should continue to measure the impact of your reactivation efforts. Tracking results can provide you with useful data to propel you into the future. Follow these simple tips and you’re well on your way to reactivating inactive customers.