If your business wants to drum up interest among your current leads, there’s no better way to re-engage your customers than by utilizing a great marketing strategy. This often relies on outbound sales calls and inbound sales calls.

What’s the difference between the two?

Outbound sales calls

Did you know looking for new customers can cost you 25 times the amount it costs to re-engage a client you’ve already contacted? Outbound sales calls will attempt to reach out and re-engage with inactive clients. Through personalized phone calls and a well-informed sales team, your performance marketing group will be able to target every one of your client’s needs and aspirations. Ditch cold calling and opt for a system that actually works to get your business the foot traffic it deserves.

Inbound sales calls

Inbound sales calls are a little trickier. Not only do they encapsulate some of the qualities of outbound calls, but they also rely on customers who call your business. Inbound calls rely on warm leads that your company has been in contact with before or those who stumbled across your business and wants to work with you.

How will it help me?

By targeting leads that have shown interest in your business before, you’re more likely to regain their business in the future. This is a more efficient way of marketing that will ensure higher volumes of active customers than other marketing strategies. By highlighting the skills your company offers, a skilled pay for performance call center strategy will reactivate your inactive customers and strengthen your relationship with clients.

Keep in mind that relying on both sales marketing strategies is the best way to gain business for your company. An inbound sales call center will need to pair effectively with an outbound sales call center to work effectively. Paired in conjunction with other marketing techniques, you’re more likely to reach a larger audience.

When you hire a pay for performance call center, you’ll never pay more than you don’t generate in sales leads. A call center will also ensure that your business is able to handle the large influx of outgoing and incoming calls necessary for your company. Use the best strategy: a pay for performance outbound and inbound sales call center strategy will ensure your business gets its money’s worth.