Performance marketing is exactly what it sounds like: a form of advertising centered around the actions it inspires, whether its a sale, lead, or click. We’re living in a technological world where data is constantly being mined from our behaviors — what sites we visit, what we’re buying, and how often we’re buying it. With performance marketing, data is collected in a similar way, but it reveals how the marketing campaign is doing so business owners can optimize accordingly. Since advertising usually involves a base price and then results come afterward, performance marketing groups only get paid when a certain action is completed.

Benefits Abound

Marketing campaigns can be exceptionally costly and may not produce any real return on investment. With performance marketing, campaign effectiveness is easily tracked — it is 100% measurable because new technology allows metrics to be detailed and reported, which improves efficiency. It is also exceptionally low risk: if you don’t see results, you don’t pay! This can be a lifeline to startups and smaller businesses who don’t have millions to divulge on advertising. Additionally, performance marketing platforms can be launched much more quickly.

Call Center Connectivity

Performance marketing groups can include customer service call centers, depending on the campaign; inbound sales calls and outbound sales calls can improve customer experience. Since 70% of buying experiences can be swayed by how the customer feels they are being treated, customer call centers can increase the chances that whatever “action” your company settles on will be met.

Many outbound sales call centers aren’t cold-calling anymore. Through performance marketing, they’re able to track consumer data to only target those who have shown previous interest in whatever their employer’s product or service is. Since the people have, at some point in their lives, stated that they were curious about the company’s business, their chances of purchasing greatly increase.

Pay for performance call centers are one of many performance marketing strategies, but they’re also one of the most effective. Consumers are craving personalized experiences in their advertising, and being singled out for something they showed interest in by a real human being, who uses their name and provides friendly and cordial conversation, hits that nail right on the head.