In this data-driven economy, more and more focus is being placed on personalized consumer experience. Companies are able to mine information about their individual customers in order to use that knowledge to customize their interactions.

If you look back in history, commerce has always been a personal affair; many small businesses and merchants would know their customers by name and frequently engaged in idle chitchat with them. Though it is much harder to obtain that level of personalization in today’s digital world, companies across the globe are trying their best, and with good reason — inciting consumer loyalty can improve customer retention rates. Even a 5% increase in retention can boost profit by 25% to 95%! Since this shift back towards a personal experience has occurred, three main things have changed.

  1. Goodbye Ads: Though we all may have our favorite advertisements, the reality of the situation is that they’re usually bound to a channel and narrative. Because they are so limited and passive in nature, their impact relies on personal context. As a result, they often miss the mark entirely and are more frustrating than encouraging. They are inherently impersonal.
  2. Experience Is Everything: Campaigns offer an easy and measurable way to record effectiveness, but the customer’s experience with an inbound marketing program is all the more powerful. A shift away from traditional campaigns has begun as companies strive to engage with their customers beyond a basic automated email service.
  3. Brand Value Is Important: Campaigns shouldn’t be abandoned altogether (after all, driving sales is still the ultimate goal), but even years of optimization can plateau in terms of new customer acquisition. These days, customers want more than a good deal; they want to know if you use sustainable energy, where your materials are coming from, and what your company truly believes in.

One of the best ways to keep up with these changes is to employ the use of an inbound marketing call center. Inbound call centers — whether they’re focused on inbound sales calls exclusively or are simply general customer service call centers — offer a wonderful opportunity to make it personal; through quality customer service and a customized experience, consumers feel that they matter and are being listened to.