As businesses inch further and further away from traditional marketing, B2B companies are inclining towards the new form of inbound marketing. Inbound sales services are essential to the success of a business, and they are a result of inbound marketing strategies.

Inbound sales are when a business concentrates more on individual buyers and highlights their needs, goals, and personal preferences. The idea is to place more focus on what the buyer needs before what the company needs.

Why inbound sales services matter

Despite having a secure website, a pipeline of leads, and established social media channels, deals need to be closed, and these are not enough. It takes a lot more than this to attract long-term customers and retain valuable customers. You need to leverage your inbound marketing to make sure the website is an effective sales platform.

What most businesses fail to understand is that customer services, direct response call centers, and marketing centers are essential aspects of the business and should not be overlooked. As a matter of fact, customer service goes hand-in-hand with inbound sales services, and bad customer service can lose revenue by a long shot.

What are the costs of poor customer experience?

Customers may not come to you directly and complain about their bad experience with your business. However, you can be sure that they will tell their friends, colleagues, and family. Most of them will go beyond that to give your business a bad rating on different review service websites for all your other customers to see.

This would be a catastrophe for your business because the effects will ripple beyond the revenue you lost with that one customer. Word of mouth is very powerful, and it can leave a huge dent on your reputation. To understand how dire the situation would be, more than 90% of customers read online reviews, and more than 80 do not transact with businesses with negative reviews.

Every business needs to understand that customers are the foundation of success. If customers are not treated right, the business simply loses its reason for existence. When people learn about the poor customer service of your business, several things are bound to happen, and none of them are good.

1. Customers will leave

The business community has become very competitive now that the world has become a global village. This means that customers are not going to stick to a business that doesn’t treat them right. They can easily take their business elsewhere.

2. New customers stay away

With the negative word-of-mouth and negative online reviews, chances are your business will no longer attract new customers. Once prospective customers discover the poor customer service of your business, they’re more likely to stay away and start looking at what your competitors have to offer.

3. Your reputation will take a hit

It may take you 20 years to build your business reputation, but it would take just five minutes to shatter it completely. It only takes a few dissatisfied customers who talk to people they know. It further escalates when they decide to express their experience on the internet. Negative Facebook posts, tweets, and Yelp reviews go viral very fast, and they have the potential to tarnish business reputation completely.

4. Revenues will sink

One of the most significant disadvantages of poor customer reviews is the impact it has on revenue. A shrinking customer base will have fewer inbound sales and direct loss of revenue. If you add this to the increased costs of employee turnover, the costs will rise even higher. If your business tries to salvage its reputation through advertising and public relations, the cost may be impossible to cover. This may end up costing you your business.


customer support outsourcing services is highly essential, especially when you’re trying to boost your business through inbound sales services. Inbound marketing has everything to do with customers and dealing with them directly. This means that for successful inbound sales services, you need to have excellent customer service and happy employees to deal with those customers. Customer retention can save you as well. Bain and Company conducted research that concluded that an increase in customer retention rate by at least 5%, increases profits by 25% to 95%.