With around 62% of companies considering customer experience to be important enough to act as a competitive differentiator, it’s no surprise that many are outsourcing their customer service call centers. They want to stand out from other businesses, and one of the best ways to do that is by handing their customer call center over to the professionals.


When you think about it, it makes total sense; if your business is able to give the responsibility of managing customer centers (which includes outbound sales calls, inbound sales calls, and marketing call centers) to a separate company whose expertise lies in creating the ideal customer service call center experience, you not only improve their encounter with your business, you create more time to focus on what really matters: the production and perfection of your goods or services.


Here are two of the most common technologies used by these outsourced companies to foster a positive experience for your customers.


  • Automatic Phone Call Distributor: Essentially just a streamlined way to handle incoming calls, automatic phone call distributor systems can answer calls and use audible menu options to route them to the correct team or department. Many businesses have extensive client lists, so the automatic routing can save considerable human resources by making call handling far more efficient. In most cases where companies have multiple clients with different teams responsible for them, the calls can be routed based on the phone number dialed.


  • Computer Telephony Integration: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) merges computer systems and calls. This technology essentially queues calls and collates information into a database to more easily manage the calls on hold that are awaiting attention. The customer service agent sees the consumer’s information (such as their purchase history, products they currently own, etc.) displayed on their screen. CTI systems are usually integrated with customer record databases to provide more accurate caller information.


Whether you want to outsource the entirety of your customer service support center or simply your outbound sales calls, trusting a professional company — and their various technologies — to take the reigns is always worthwhile. The return on investment from an improved customer service experience will boost your business’ growth beyond your wildest imaginings.