When it comes to crafting a quality customer experience, customer service call centers are a must. Whether your business is focused on outbound sales calls or is looking to use an inbound call center for marketing purposes, the results speak for themselves: an estimated $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced by calls placed to businesses.

Although customer call centers will almost certainly continue to play a major role in the customer experience, times are changing; as companies strive to compete with a new wave of startups and small businesses, artificial intelligence is finding its way into a vast number of fields and industries– including call centers. Let’s see just how artificial intelligence can change the game.

  1. Capture consumer data: Without data, all business’s inbound marketing campaigns are simply shooting in the dark, hoping to hit a target that they’re not even sure exists. Chatbots and voice AT agents are able to mine an incredible amount of data from customer interactions; they can then feed this data into analytics software that can be used to understand what’s working in their inbound marketing campaigns, and what isn’t.
  2. Accurately predict consumer behavior: Understanding how your consumers behave is extremely important to your business’s success. If your customers are no longer interested in a certain type of product, for example, knowing ahead of time will save you time and money in the long run. AI can predict new market trends using the same tools that capture customer interactions; customer service managers can then get ahead of expectations to anticipate their needs, which improves the customer experience.
  3. Improve efficiency: Call centers often deal with a large number of routine user requests and trivial problems. AI is equipped to handle these customers’ issues much faster; this gets the customer on with their day quicker, boosting customer satisfaction. At the same time, AI can be put to work routing calls, ensuring that the right call finds its way to the right person.

If you’re looking to add a competitive edge to your business and improve the quality of your consumers’ shopping experience, AI offers a surefire way to do both.