Inbound sales calls are a happy medium between an email and a face to face conversation.

While a phone call isn’t as personal as a person to person chat, it’s still important to make your customer feel valued. After all, it is 25 times more expensive to bring on a new client or customer than it is to keep an old one. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be a top priority across the board.

When engaging with your valuable customers on the phone, it’s especially important to avoid these key mistakes.

Forgetting the customer’s name

Making your customer feel like more than just a number on a spreadsheet is the key to maintaining and growing a solid relationship with the individual. Make sure your inbound sales calls are always personal to come degree. Use their first or last name if you have it. Depending on your client list, try to bring up something you last spoke about. Maybe a child’s little league game, or the holidays. However, keep in mind this may not be feasible for larger scaled companies.

Not training new employees on making inbound sales calls

If you’re recently brought on someone inexperienced with inbound sales calls or just calling in general, make sure they are properly trained before they’re on their own. Phone calls can be tricky for someone new and inexperienced. However, emphasize the importance of understanding the phone system your business runs on. They should know how to also interact with the client or customer, always speaking in a friendly tone and avoiding interrupting them while they speak.

Ignoring constructive criticism

Don’t be afraid of calling your customers and asking them how your company’s services have been lately. Take their comments and look to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and implement the proper changes if you need to.

Not seeking help when you need it

If you’re still losing revenue and unsure why it may be time to ask for guidance. There’s no shame in going to the experts when you feel lost. Inbound marketing and inbound sales call centers exist for this very reason.

They will help improve customer relations and help you pinpoint where you’re going wrong.

The only mistake you can make at this point is not seeking help when your customer satisfaction rate is low. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Keeping your customers and clients satisfied is absolutely necessary if you want to grow your business. There are several mistakes you can make along the way that can hinder your performance and customer satisfaction. If you are not being personal enough on the phone, not training employees properly, and ignoring constructive criticism, you are at risk of losing your valued customers. If you are struggling enough as it is, know when you need help and hire a performance marketing inbound call center to help keep your customers happy and engaged in your business and services.