Outbound sales are necessary in almost every business. A business will often have a dedicated team that reaches out to prospective customers in hopes of generating an alternative stream of revenue that would not have otherwise existed. At Unitel Performance Marketing, we operate differently than your traditional outbound sales role. Rather than reading from a script, our professionals provide customers a highly personalized touch-point that focuses on uncovering the customer’s unrealized needs. Our sole purpose is to nurture, retain, and up-sell your current customers, adding significant value to your company’s top-line revenue.

The Process

Your Unitel “Promotions Department” calls your customers and engages in a personalized conversation about your products, proper usage, their experience as a customer, and offer them an exclusive promotion. These promotions can include discounted pricing, cross selling opportunities, or customized promotions.

Our USA-based outbound sales call center uses a skilled team that learns every part of your business to answer any question that may come their way. To the customer, there’s no distinction between our representatives and your employees. Every call will be natural and engaging — we believe in the power behind conversation and connection, which is why we never resort to a script.

Unitel Performance Marketing is the perfect solution for companies that do not want to take on the significant overhead of hiring an in-house outbound call center or, have many customers but a staff that’s too small to adequality manage them. Instead of missing out on these opportunities to increase revenue, we’ll be there to ensure your success.

If you find yourself unable to retain customers, or unable to increase the order value and order volume of your current customers, give Unitel Performance Marketing a call. We provide quality outbound sale services that is proven to increase sales revenue.

“I originally was looking for a new partner to assist in contacting leads that our in-house department couldn’t penetrate due to staff size. Unitel has taken the provided leads and generated revenue that would have otherwise been lost to our company. Set up and training was easy and we were going within a week. George’s team is very open to advice and brings skills to the table that any marketing company would be glad to have.”

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