Project Description

Project Brief

A mid-sized, national direct response company, advertising on TV and radio with two star products sought to increase their customer lifetime value, improve reselling, and build a robust backend to complement their front end marketing projects. This company had two star products that were featured in the advertising campaign, as well as, 10 cross sell products.

The Solution

Upon signing the contract, Unitel began to research and understand the company’s philosophy, depth and breadth of product lines, the science behind the products, company advertising and messaging, customer service, and best sales practices. Unitel is successful because our team acts as an extension of the company and the brand unlike other contact centers. Simultaneously, Unitel built a team of aggressive sales agents that would be dedicated to only the company.

Within hours of engaging with Company’s client database, Unitel was able to identify customer needs, why customers weren’t buying, and which products needed to be sold to reactivate a stagnant customer database. Unitel’s methodology bridges the gap between front end marketing and backend revenue optimization. Very quickly, the sales team at Unitel identified that each channel of marketing was bringing customers in that had varied needs. In order to address these needs and maximize sales generation, these customers needed to be segmented and targeted differently and that is exactly what Unitel began to do.

Company immediately began to see an overall increase in total revenue because they were now generating sales from customers that were not going to otherwise purchase from Company. Additionally, the added revenue from Unitel allowed company to increase their ad budget and further expand their marketing efforts. Ultimately, customer acquisition increased and Unitel was able to increase sales week after week.

Results of Case Study

Top Line Revenue

Company B showed a 32% increase in top line revenue thanks to Unitel Performance Marketing.

Outbound Sales

Company B showed a 51% increase in outbound sales thanks to Unitel Performance Marketing.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

“Unitel is a GREAT partner. Their unique approach on sales through customer service creates a powerful distribution channel for multiple product lines, and when compared to traditional order channels the cost can be up to 60% lower. They are a must have if you are interested in creating brand loyalty and extending the purchase life of your customer.”

President, Med DR Supplement Company