outbound sales call centersDid you know that approximately 64% of people consider customer experience to be more important than price? Since so many consumers still depend on phone conversations to answer their questions and concerns regarding a business, customer call centers act as an excellent opportunity to craft a high-quality customer experience. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t able to effectively own or run their own customer service call centers, and turn to outsourcing as a solution. There are a number of negative myths and misconceptions regarding outsourced client services, so we’re going to clear them up today.

MYTH: An outsourcer can’t deliver the same brand experience with consistent service.

This has much more to do with the outsourcer you select, rather than outsourcing in general. While it’s true that some outsourcing companies fail to act as an extension of the client’s brand, most are dedicated to creating an experience that perfectly matches a company’s beliefs and brand voice. As long as you do your research before hiring outsourced inbound call centers or outbound sales call centers, your consumers will be none the wiser.

MYTH: Our business is hard to understand and too complex to outsource call center operations.

Outsourcing a call center doesn’t happen blindly or on a whim. Extensive training and educational classes are required to ensure that your outsourcer fully understands their role and what you need from them; this includes the ins and outs of the business. A custom curriculum is usually developed for this purpose, and training could last more than a month depending on the details. The investment, however, is always worth it.

MYTH: Performance would decline if we outsource call center operations.

What gets measured gets managed. Most outsourcing companies have key performance indicators in place (from average handle time to cross-sales) to ensure that performance does not suffer under their charge. Provided you’ve found a company that takes detailed measurements and pays attention to their efficiency, you’ll find that performance actually improves under their reign.

Whether you’ve decided to outsource your performance marketing call centers or your outbound sales call centers, the change is not as negative as everyone seems to think it is. Take your time to find a company that matches well with your needs, and you’ll discover just how beneficial and profitable outsourced call centers can be.