When most people think of marketing, the image that generally comes to mind is that of outbound marketing: placing advertisements, contacting customers, and so on However, this isn’t the only marketing strategy that businesses have available to them, and in some cases, other forms of marketing are even more effective than outbound sales calls. Inbound marketing can be incredibly successful when used correctly to support a business’s existing marketing tactics.


What Is Inbound Marketing?


While most people assume that sales calls are mostly made from a business to a customer, there are plenty of occasions where the customer will instead contact the business. This includes times when they need to speak with customer service to resolve an issue, ask a question about a certain set of products, and more. Customers contacting businesses directly is a perfect example of inbound marketing at work; customers might not always realize it, but every time they’re on the phone with a business is an opportunity for that business to make another sale.


Why Does It Work?


Inbound marketing relies on clever strategies and quick thinking to work directly with a customer who is already interested and engaged with a business or service. Because customers are contacting the business, there’s a degree of certainty that they want to interact with your company. Instead of the common outbound marketing technique of cold calling from an outbound sales call center, the sales strategy of inbound marketing relies on direct customer service and interaction.


How Can My Business Use It?


If your business is already dedicated to using call centers or customer support outsourcing services, consider dedicating a bit of this towards inbound sales call centers. Phone conversations with customers are still very much a part of the sales funnel. It’s estimated that about $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced by calls placed to businesses, not calls from businesses to customers. While going with digital options can occasionally help, having a live person interacting with your customer can make for a better customer service experience.


Inbound marketing can be difficult to master, and having outside help could be just what your business needs to thrive. For more information or to learn more about inbound marketing call centers, contact Unitel Marketing today.