No matter what industry your business is in, one main goal is to bring in more revenue. While getting new people in your door or to visit your website, keeping your current customers happy should be your first priority. Unfortunately, many salespeople get so focused on attracting new people that they forget how important it is to provide current customers with great service. From having the best people staff your customer service call center to making sure your products get to stores or homes in good shape, you can help your business and raise your bottom line when you keep the people who already buy from you happy.

The problem that many professionals in sales have is they do not acknowledge that it is much cheaper to maintain a good relationship with a customer or client than it is to get new people to buy your products. Marketing Metrics took a look at how much it costs to keep and attract customers. They found that when salespeople talk to an existing customer, their success rates range from 60% to 70%. By contrast, when working to lure in a new customer those rates of success plummet up to between 5% and 20%.

A number of business owners believe that if they focus more on making better products that will be enough to keep customers happy. While it is important that you keep the quality up, you also need to make your customer service be the best it can be. Consumers may care about how much they pay for goods and services, about 64% of them say that the customer service they get is more important than the price.

Keeping customers happy starts with making sure they have the best experience when they enter the store or talk to a representative in your customer service call center. The people who work in your customer call center are the face or voice of your business. The people who pick up at your inbound sales calls need to be professional and helpful.

Once people have bought something from you, the next thing is to keep them happy. One way to do that is to start a brand loyalty program. These work for thousands of brand around the world. It has been reported that about 94% of American consumers admit they like to take advantage of exclusive deals brands offer people in their loyalty programs. This can also help you gather information on the people who like your products or services. The revenue these happy customers will bring in will be more than enough to make any money spent on setting up and maintaining the program well worth it.

Keep in mind the following reasons to love on your existing customers:

  • These are people who like you and your product, therefore, there is less selling you have to do.
  • They can give you great feedback on your products. When existing customers call your inbound sales call center or your inbound call center for support, ask them what they think of your products and services. This will give you great data that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • You can spend less on marketing. Again, these are people who like and use your products or services. There is less selling and less marketing involved.
  • Your profit margin will improve. By spending less on sales and marketing, you will make more per product or service sold when you sell to an existing client. By some estimates, 80% of a business’ revenue is generated by 20% of repeat buyers.
  • It just costs less to sell to existing customers. It costs between six and seven times more money to attract a new person than to keep an existing customer happy.

At least 72% of businesses report that they are focused on improving their customer service one easy way to do that is to get the right customer service call center. When people call your customer service call center need to understand that their job is to help your customers. They need to be very respectful, friendly and help the people who call in as much as is possible. One bad experience can turn a customer off forever.